8 Days of Honoring Legacy- Day 6

My sister Jackie was a welcomed blessing to our family for multiple reasons.  Our departure from Argentina was mostly due to my second sister passing away when she was only 16 days old.  Jackie was a true welcomed blessing. 

As a young child, Jackie was not only energetic but the life of the house.  The girl loved to sing at the young age 1 and would hold even a drumstick as a microphone.  Jackie always had this hidden comedic flare to her, you never knew when the joke was coming or when she would dress like Steve Urkle and surprise you!

However, Jackie did grow into an amazing woman.  She is also a peacemaker everywhere she goes; her calm demeanor puts everyone at ease.  Her no drama zone allows everyone to just take a chill pill in her presence.  Jackie can go from not saying a word and observing her surroundings to speaking for an hour straight without stopping to breathe!

As a grown woman, mother of two teenagers I admire how she loves to spend time with her family—they truly are everything to her.  She is also a spiritual mother to many in her church family as she co-pastors a church alongside her husband.

Jackie is still funny, still loves to sing and yup, still loves to make us laugh with her silliness!   I honor you little sister for becoming a woman of integrity to be respected and admired by all that have the privilege to really know you!