8 Days of Honoring Legacy- Day 5

My dearest Aunt Lily, the only one I have near to my heart happens to be one amazing woman.  Like her mother, Nona Chabela is oozes peace everywhere she goes.  She is a great woman of God and is always ready to sit with you and have a cup of tea over a bite of her delicious cakes.

You see, I believe that I get my creativity from my aunt Lily.  There is nothing that she cannot create in a cake form.  The woman’s talent is endless and sought out by many.  She works at a very prominent bakery in Miami, Fl.

My mind seems to always want to create something and the more details the merrier in my book—I  love details!

Aunt Lily was blessed with a special needs son and she has shown me what love, patience, true strength, determination and what true faith in god really looks like.

Tia Lily, I admire you for more reasons than you know.  I know that you will make an amazing grandmother to your Sebastian.  We are all blessed to have you in our lives!