8 Days of Honoring Legacy- Day 7

My youngest sister Kery was the last sibling that God blessed me with.  She has always been not only a risk taker, but also someone that I look up to because of her enthusiasm for life and fun!  After all, in Kery’s book her birthday is a national holiday.  So much so, that when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and her C-section date was scheduled on her birthday, I begged my doctor to please change it lol!

Kery didn’t have the luxury of easing into motherhood after her marriage.  No, her marriage to Scott came with an added bonus—an automatic young son!  She quickly rolled up her sleeves and has loved him as her own from the first day she met him.  She doesn’t shy away from a challenge but instead says…”bring it on”.

Kery later had two children of her own, (Brandon and Briana) two great kids that call her Mommy each and every day.  Because Kery is also a military Mom, she has had to adjust to raising her children in different cities and schools.  I admire her adaptability skills in her new environment and her enthusiasm when a new assignment is presented to them.

Kery, although you are the youngest in our household, you are building a beautiful legacy each and every day!