8 Days of Honoring Legacy- Day 4

The day I met Lydia I sensed her immediate approval to join the Arvelo family.  She treated me like one of her friends and I felt right at home.

However, that is not what I admire most about Lydia but it’s her determination and persistence at whatever dream she wants to accomplish.  She doesn’t know the meaning of giving up or failure.  Her example is to keep going until you get to your determined destination.

And speaking of destinations, she is a world traveler!  Yes, she works hard but also plays hard.  I can only hope to visit the world like she has.

Lydia is not only my sister in law but also a big sister to me.  Although we may not see each other or speak for prolonged periods of time, I know in my heart that if I am in need of a conversation, prayer or anything else, I can count on her to be by my side.

Lydia I know you are still building your legacy, but my dear sister I honor you because you are building a class act for all of us to follow!