My Blind Spot...

Lunch was delicious but the conversation was even more scrumptious!  For me, a little time with a girlfriend is never time wasted nor do I leave it to the last thing I plan for myself—it’s a life line for me to keep going on certain days.

As we talked and caught up on each others lives, she asked me a question.  A question that still has me thinking…

“Silvia, what if we are not the person we think we are?”

What? As she asked the question, I took a moment and a bite of my salad—that was my defense for my silence…lol!  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

She went on to say, “what if we think that we are a certain way but what others see is totally different?”  Of course as she was speaking, she was referring to herself but I immediately went into full evaluation mode of myself.  What if I believe that I am a pretty nice person but, others think that I am selfish and self-absorbed?  What if I believe that I am caring and thoughtful but, when I grab my friend’s ear all I do is speak about myself, my problems, my dilemma, etc.  Worst yet, what if she only hears from me when I need something but hears crickets when all is well?  Or, what if I overwhelm my friends and family with constant phone calls and/or text messages?  Oh boy….”what if” questions took over my mind!

What if I’ve made life all about ME?!?!?!?!

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that a small part of me thought that maybe, just maybe she was trying to tell me something.  You know something not so flattering and she was setting up the stage for me so I didn’t feel too badly.  I waited for the other shoe to drop but it didn’t—oh thank God!

However, I did go on to share that this is one of the reasons why I feel that strong friendships and a trusted inner circle is so valuable to us.  We can’t do life alone and we certainly can’t see our own blind spots on our own.  Your strong friendships and inner circle have earned the right to speak into your life, not with hate or belittling but in love and understanding.

My friend do you know your blind spot?  Are you confident that you know what areas you need to continue to work on?  Have you reflected on what you’ve heard others say about you—not what you tell yourself?

Project ME doesn’t stop with a one-time event but rather it's a bunch of little events in your life.  Be intentional and do the work to be a better version of you.

As always, I am cheering you on as your continue to work on YOU!!!