8 Days of Honoring Legacy...

During a recent episode of Super Soul Sunday,  Iyanla Vanzant said something that went deep in my soul.  She spoke about the women that paved the way to where she is today.  I couldn’t help and think about the women I was blessed to have known and yet, the millions that came before me and the millions that will come after me that I will never meet.

In my 46 years of life, there have been lots of women that have one way or another shaped the woman that I am today.  And yet, I know that there are many that I haven’t met yet—I look forward to meeting those precious lives too!  However, it made me ponder on the women that have had a direct impact in my life.  As I think of the week ahead that is leading up to Mother’s Day (in the US), I want to take the time to honor each one of them.  Please join me by also honoring the women in your life!

On this first day of Honoring Legacy, I would like to honor my maternal grandmother many know as Nona Chabela.

Nona Chabela was not only my grandmother but everyone’s grandmother.  As soon as you met her sweet and quiet disposition you were instantly in love with her and wanted to adopt her to be your very own grandmother.  She not only loved everyone but was sure that you knew that she loved you—you felt the love that she gave out.  She wasn’t a woman of many words but her hugs were priceless and I miss them so much these days.

I know that I am blessed above and beyond because I got to grow up with this amazing human being.  She loved God with all her heart and she loved people.  Her family was everything to her and she would do anything for you, no matter what the sacrifice.

Nona Chabela left this world on July 30, 2009, way too soon but she left a very notable mark for all to feel and see.  Just today my husband reminded me that she was a woman that dispersed peace everywhere she went.  Miguel also saw her as his grandmother and she poured her love on him from the first day she met him.

I will forever be honored by her legacy as a woman of strength and love in her very quiet and meek ways.

I honor you today Nona and send you lots of kisses up to heaven!