Meet Our Empowerment Legends

Welcome to our Legends page!  This page is dedicated to women that are a living legend by shining their individual light and contributing to generations to come. We will be highlighting a new legend every month, so be on the lookout to see if you know them.  

So, what is a legend really?  According the Webster dictionary here is what we found:

leg·end: An extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field. Synonyms: celebritystarsuperstariconphenomenonluminaryleading light,giant, etc 


Our February legend is Dr. Liz Rios! 

Dr. Liz Rios is a native New Yorker, who has been in the life transformation world for over 25 years as a spiritual leader and recently as a wellness entrepreneur. After 19 years of running a women’s leadership development organization, she decided to focus on helping women transition successfully through the changes that life can throw unexpectedly. Shift happens and not everyone gets back up! However, she’s experienced major shifts in life and has always managed to thrive in spite of it all. Whether in her career, as a mom to a special needs son, through many ministry changes, a marriage challenge and relationship shifts, she has learned things that she wants to help others implement in their lives so they can live the fierce life God meant for them to live no matter what has changed! Dr. Liz has been unofficially mentoring and coaching for years but in 2016, as she entered her 50’s, she has determined to make it her next half of life focus.

Dr Rios is also the co-founder of Latinas of Legacy in south Florida.  Read all about this fabulous legend here

Our first legend and January legend is Lydia Arvelo Perez!  

Lydia is the President and founder of My Billing Company in south Florida.  A company that she started from the ground up in the middle of the US government rolling out the new HIPAA regulations.   Lydia studied all she could in order to service her client base in an efficient manner.  Those that know Lydia well know that not only is she a brilliant business woman but also, a woman to be admired for her character, integrity and love for her community and others.  

Lydia is also one of the founding board members of a non-profit organization that serves the Latin community called Latinas of Legacy.

Lydia has a passion for traveling the world.  She has made it a priority in her life to not only work hard but also to enjoy life to the fullest.  We can all learn something from our Empowerment Legend of the Month.  I can honestly say that I call her my sister and friend!