We were made to have relationships and build community.  Some of us have things and skills that can improve the life of another, I believe that we need to lookout for moments where we can use our unique skills.  It is also proven that when you help someone else you are filled with a sense of both purpose and empowerment; you are intentionally feeling fulfilled in life.

There are some organizations that I participate in with either with my time or financially resources that bring great joy to my life.  Here are a few:

A21:  This organization is very dear to my heart.  They are on the battleground and daily putting their own lives at risk to help young women get freed from sex traffickers all over the world. Please consider joining this organization with your financial support. a21.org




World Vision: My family and I have been sponsoring a child each for several years now.  God placed it in my heart to give the sponsorship as part of a Christmas gift to my family.  I must say that year was a special moment in my family's life.  We look forward to the letters from our children.  Would you consider sponsoring a child?  You can find out more information here: www.worldvision.org

Propel Women: Celebrating every woman's passion, purpose, and potential.  I absolutely love everything about Propel.  The intimate setting that the groups and chapters are and the top notch Christian leadership it provides to women who want to grow in every area of their lives.  Check them out at propelwomen.org