Let yourself be FREE...

How many of us love to be affirmed for our gifts, abilities, our calling, our talents, our looks and our choices by others?  We secretly look for the approval of others or at the very least the affirmation of what we already know to be true.

Why is so much value placed on what others think?


If we get a good dose of it (the satisfying dose amount is your own measurement or need) then, we lead happy lives.  Everyone around us gets the benefit of us being content as we go about our day.  However, if we are lacking what we feel we need—we lead depressed, anxiety and worry driven lives.  And, everyone around us gets a dose of our misery and discontentment.  Is this really the way you want to live your life?

How many of us are willing to be so vulnerable and actually admit that this is what we are allowing to drive the quality of our lives and emotions?  Unfortunately, very few of us.  We know this by what we see on social media.  We post to get reactions, likes, “affirmations” and yes….approval that we are on the right path.  However, this only provides you with a temporary dose that wears out after 3-4 hours (at most) and then you have to come back for another dose—a useless and endless cycle.

You see, I have been on the receiving and giving end of affirmations.  I have experienced the lack of it and have had the backlash from people who feel that they were short changed by my words (I didn't meet their need!).  Aren’t we putting unnecessary emotional weight on one another?  At what point do we take responsibility for our own emotions and stop playing the blame game on why we are not content or satisfied with our lives?

Stop it! 

An EMPOWERED woman take responsibility over her own emotions and lives a confident life knowing her unique gifts, abilities, calling, talents, looks and purpose as it was created by her God especially for her.  She knows that no one can compete or diminish that….no matter what they say or don’t say.

Remember my friend that I am always cheering you on…but you don’t really need it!

Today’s Challenge—

Free yourself from the opinions of others whether it's good or bad.