Sometimes you just need to power down....

What is wrong with this thing??  Why does it tell me that I am not connected to the internet when I see that I have several bars?  GRRR, I have a lot of things to do today and no time for inefficient things!!!

I tried everything on my iPad only for my frustration to continue to grow.  It was pointless and I was wasting valuable time- that I didn’t have!

So in my anger, I just powered the dumb thing down and took a deep breath.  This was pointless, I said to myself and sat there quietly and motionless with my thoughts.

Why is it that we need to power down everything in our lives in order to be able to “listen” to our thoughts.  We drive ourselves crazy with work, multi-tasking all day long, and on most occasions only to go to bed  just thinking about the things that we didn’t accomplish.

We fail to see how much we have already accomplished in our very busy and productive day.

We fail to see that sometimes we just need to power down!

How’s my iPad doing, you ask?  It’s fine.  Powering it down did the trick.  Guess what?  All it needed was a little break from doing so many things and working such long hours.

I wonder how many of us just need to take a break, power down and enjoy doing nothing?  You may be thinking but who has the time for that?  I have so many things that need to get done, people are expecting things from me and I have commitments that I cannot break.

I get it!  However, you owe to yourself and to those around you to take a break.  So what are the benefits of taking a break?

  • You allow your brain to restore and refresh (like my iPad)
  • Your body has a moment to distress and just be
  • Your mind is more alert
  • Your family and friends get to enjoy the whole you
  • You get to enjoy the moment you are presently living instead of jumping on to the next thing
  • You start to feel a surge of gratefulness for the things you are able to do and the people that you love very much
  • You give permission to those around you to also take a break

So, today:

  • Power down your electronics and give them a break too
  • Slow down and savor that cup of tea or coffee
  • Make that phone call to your dear friend to just “talk”
  • Go out and eat something that you have been craving (or cook that favorite dish that everyone loves)
  • Sit and read a book (yes, the book that you bought months ago)

My dear empowered one, love on yourself today and remember you need your energy to live an empowered life.

Cheering you on to relax,

Coach Silvia